The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Dollars on the Market

The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Dollars on the Market
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Another speeding ticket? Perhaps it is time you invested in a handy electronic device that will literally pay for itself over time. The device we are referring to is called a radar detector. This awesome contraption has evolved to become an affordable necessity for the everyday driver.

Affordability is the key word here, and necessity is just as important as an unnecessary expense is not what we need. However, this technology is a necessity, as such, we have uncovered the best radar detector under 200 dollars and the various options available to you within this bracket.

You may be a novice with regard to this technology so let me explain the nuts and bolts of what radar detection is.

Essentially, a radar detector is like a sensor light which is triggered by some form of movement, but unlike a sensor light, a radar detector alerts you when there is a radar gun in use in the vicinity you are traveling. Without getting too technical, a radar gun emits an electromagnetic frequency to detect vehicle speed, and the radar detector simply picks up these emissions and issues some form of warning to a driver.

These signals are an alert for you to reduce your speed because, as you know, the only people in possession of a radar gun are traffic officers or law enforcement officials. These friendly people will most often be monitoring vehicle speeds to ensure we are all abiding by the legal speed limit in the area.

Fitting a radar detector in your vehicle will ensure you are given a heads-up should you be approaching a zone where vehicle speeds are being monitored. This device is without a doubt a key technology to help you avoid any nasty tickets for speeding.

A heavy leg on the gas is something we all guilty off at times—some more often than others, no doubt! A little-added protection in the form of an alert from an unobtrusive device is a welcomed addition to our lives. If it saves money in the long-run, then we certainly want it. The affordable cost of these devices makes them accessible to most drivers on the road today. It is certainly worth your time perusing the options available to you in this segment.

Best Radar Detector Under 200 Dollars: The Available Options

Escort PASSPORT S55 Radar/Laser Detector

The Escort Passport S55 is a powerful detector which is packed with features. The overall functionality integrated within this product adds customer value and an enhanced level of protection on the road. The product comes with a full warranty for greater peace of mind of the buyer and includes Enhanced Radar Protection—a set of features that work harmoniously to alert you as quickly as possible to any hazards.

The device is also fitted with patented technology which ensures the unit is quiet in densely populated areas. These areas tend to have various bands and frequencies in the atmosphere due to the various wireless gadgets operating in them. This patented technology works to filter out any excess noise to ensure false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

The advanced functionality of this device helps detect even the most sophisticated Radar Guns used by officials, and it enhances overall range detection. This feature denotes the capacity of the unit to gauge various bands emitted by radar guns.

The standout feature in this product is without a doubt the "Escort Live" function. This is an integrated function which offers real-time protection. This feature warns the driver of alerts reported by other drivers in the area. It is a real-time database of information supplied by other users of this technology.


  • Offers detection on all laser and radar bands
  • Possesses long-range detection for early alerts
  • Comes with an additional suction-mount
  • Advanced technology ensures less false alarms
  • Simultaneous radar detection
  • Advanced display options
  • User-generated real-time protection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easily installed
  • Full warranty on product


  • Mounting bracket is a bit flimsy
  • False alarms triggered by automatic doors

Petcaree High Performance V7 Radar Detector

This product is approved by the Federal Communications Commission which gives it added validation. It has a futuristic, almost alien-like look which is endearing in a curious way. Furthermore, there is a wide range of functionality which includes: 360-degree detection, extended range detection, and quick alerts. It is also functional in Europe as it detects Ku band frequency which is used predominantly in European countries.


  • Independent approval from the FCC
  • Voice functionality
  • Latest detection technology
  • Rapid sweep circuitry
  • Advanced warnings
  • Multiple band detection
  • Speed controlled auto-muting system
  • Non-slip mat included


  • Annoying voice tone
  • Poor usage instructions
  • Multiple false positive alerts

Whistler CR93 Laser/Radar Detector

This radar detection device is robust and looks the most appealing. It has an OLED display which gives it added class and it even has an integrated GPS which provides enriched usage value. The CR93 is an upgrade from a previous version which has improved the k band detection. However, the unit has been reported to lose its settings which interrupts functionality. This can be corrected by resetting the device.


  • Integrated GPS
  • Quality finish
  • High-performance detection
  • OLED display
  • Voice alerts
  • Ka Max modality


  • Hazard to kids (small parts)
  • Functionally unsound at times

The Verdict

After detailed comparison and analysis, the best radar detector under 200 dollars will unanimously and without a doubt be the Escort PASSPORT S55. While each device does contain pedigree as a standalone product, the Escort Passport S55 truly stands out when you place these devices on the same shelf. Overall functionality and added features such as the “Escort Live” function powers this unit ahead of the pack.

The flimsy mounting bracket is the one negative to this product, but the manufacturers have taken this into account by offering an additional suction cap as part of the overall package.

If there was a prize for visual appeal, then the Whistler CR93 will surely win, but this is not the core functionality a buyer is looking for. In terms of actually detecting and alerting you to potential hazards, the Escort Passport S55 is the clear winner, and it does possess visual appeal.

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