3 best radar detectors on the market today

3 best radar detectors

According to a Survey, One in every six Americans receives a speeding ticket every year.That means that around41 million speeding tickets are given out per year. That's around 100,000 per day.

Those numbers shouldn't come as too big of a surprise. Americans are constantly traveling from place to place as fast as they can. Sure that we all want to get to where we are going as quickly as possible. It's just how we're built. We sometimes risk getting a ticket for the sake of timeliness.
But what if there was a way to ensure that you would never get a speeding ticket again?

What if you could know that a speed trap is coming from miles away? What if you could detect if there are any police officers in your area trying to hit their ticket quota for the month?

It's all possible with radar detectors. They will make speeding tickets a thing of the past for you. Right now, there are numerous radar detectors on the market. However, there are three models that are easily the best radar detectors available at the moment.These detectors are essential for any and all drivers that want to get to their destinations fast but are trying to keep their records clean with peace of mind.

So what models are the top ones on the market?

You can look at all the reviews you want. But if you really want to know the answer, read on to learn more about the three best radar detectors you can buy right now.

The Best Radar Detectors and the Law

One of the main concerns people have before purchasing radar detectors is whether or not the devices are legal.The short answer: they are mostly legal. However, it's a little more complicated than that.

Radar detectors are legal to use all across the United States except for in two locations: Washington D.C. and Virginia. The reason for this is that radar detectors interfere with federal government transmitted electronic waves.

Other states, such as California, Florida, and Pennsylvania, don't allow drivers to mount objects on their windshields.Many radar detectors are mounted on cars' windshields. Therefore, this restriction does make it a little more difficult for drivers in these states to obtain high-quality detectors.

It is important to know that these rules are only for private vehicles. Commercial vehicles throughout all of the United States of America are completely prohibited from using radar detectors.

Escort Max 360

Out of the three radar detectors on this list, the Escort Max 360 is probably the best one. However, it's also the most expensive.
If you want to purchase the Escort Max 360, it will cost you $650. Is it worth it? With all the features this detector possesses, it is 100% worth its price.

So what are those features? The Escort Max 360 has dual antennas and arrows that point you in the direction of upcoming threats.The Escort Max 360 also offers smartphone capability. It uses Bluetooth to connect you with other users through the app Escort Live.

Escort Live is available on both Android and Apple devices. The app creates a type of protective community for speedsters on the road. It lets you know about red light camera locations and local speed limits and also informs you of any alerts nearby.

The Escort Max 360 uses its digital signal processor (DSP) and its GPS-powered AutoLean feature to make sure you get the best, most accurate data as soon as possible. No false alerts or random signals.

In fact, Escort is so sure that the Escort Max 360 will help drivers that the company has offered to pay for customers' first tickets if they're cited while using the detector.

Whistler CR93 Laser Radar Detector

The Whistler CR93 Laser Radar Detector is one of the best radar detectors you can buy today because of how affordable it is. You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy this device.

The Whistler was originally priced at around $280. However, you can currently purchase it from certain sellers right now for as low as $160. That makes this radar detector even more of a steal.But the Whistler CR93's low cost is not its only great feature. The detector has internal GPS that will alert you when there are red light cameras and speed cameras.

The detector also offers Traffic Flow Signal Rejection and Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection. These features ensure that false alarms aren't triggered by transportation department radars and other signals that come from cars' blind spot and collision detector systems.

Another exciting quality about the Whistler CR93 is that users can customize the detector. The device lets you adjust its laser detection settings in order to weed out false alarms and give you the best, most accurate data possible.

Valentine One V1

The older-looking display on the Valentine One V1 may cause you to think that this detector is a relic of the past. However, that could not be further from the truth.The V1 has front and rear radar antennas that both have pretty powerful range. It also possesses laser detection.The best feature the Valentine One V1 has to offer, though, is its directional system. This system is similar to the Escort Max 360's and points out the exact direction of the upcoming speed traps to the driver.

The visual simplicity of the system is what makes it work so well. If the arrow on top lights up, drivers will know that the speed trap is ahead. They then wait for the down arrow to light up to know that it's safe.

The only major issue withthe Valentine One V1 is that it's sometimes too good at picking up radar signals. More than a few times, non-police radars will set off the detector.But wouldn't you rather have a detector that alerts you too many times instead of not enough?

Right now, purchasing a Valentine One V1 will cost you $400. You can also add Bluetooth to your Valentine V1 with the V1 connection for about $50 more. You can read a complete of the Valentine one HERE.

Have you used a radar detector before? Did you find it helpful?

If you purchase and use one of these three radar detectors, contact us to let us know. We want to hear about what your experience with one of the best radar detectors out there was like.

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