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Do Radar Detectors Still Work: Factors You Need to Consider

Do Radar Detectors Still Work

There have been lots of arguments about the effectiveness of radar detectors, especially now that traffic technology is progressing. Also, the answer to the question “Do radar detectors still work?” depends on a lot of factors. Thus, to fully understand this and to avoid getting a speeding ticket, we need to update our knowledge of […]

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What Does Laser Alert Mean on a Radar Detector?

What Does Laser Alert Mean on a Radar Detector

In the past, radar detectors can only give either an X, K, Ka, or Ku band alert, but nowadays, most modern detectors already come with a laser alert feature, and most of you might not yet be aware what does a laser alert mean on a radar detector. Hence, we will give you an overview […]

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How to Hide Radar Detectors?

How to Hide Radar Detectors

In the US, an average cost for a speeding ticket is $150, and annually, around 41 million speeding tickets are issued. Whether on a personal or political standpoint, that is a lot of money. If you are looking to dodge the fine, then we understand why you’d want to have a radar detector. But are […]

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Are Radar Detectors Worth It?

Are Radar Detectors Worth It

Did you know that around 41 million speeding tickets are issued every year in the US? Perhaps per personal experience and assessment, you have proven or foresee yourself as 1 out of 5 drivers that will get a speeding ticket this year. That’s why you’re here, asking yourself, “Are radar detectors worth it?” Before we […]

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What Is X Band on a Radar Detector?

What Is X Band on a Radar Detector

Got another speeding ticket? It’s high time to slow down and perhaps consider getting a radar detector—that’s if you’re not ready to give up the need for speed yet. In this article, we answer what is x band on a radar detector and show you how it may provide you with the solution to your […]

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