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Radar Vs Laser Detector: Which Is Better?

Radar Vs Laser Detector

One speeding ticket is one too many. But if you’re not looking to slowing down just yet as the solution or if you are in the habit of forgetting, then we'd understand if you’re looking to radar or laser detector to help you out. If you’re a bit confused about which one to get, then please read on about our radar vs laser detector article.

How Does It Work: Radar vs Laser Detectors

Radar Detectors

The most common speed gun that traffic police use is the Doppler radar, which functions based on the Doppler effect. It works by releasing a concentrated radio wave. When it hits an object in its path, some of the electromagnetic energy ripples back to the radar device. The radar speed gun then calculates the speed of the object based on how long it takes for the radio signal to return. This going back and forth of the radio waves happens in a flash.
Now, a car equipped with a radar detector is basically scanning the area for the presence of these radio waves and alerts the driver to slow down since there’s a speed check going on in the vicinity. There are three kinds of radar detection based on Doppler bands:

  • X-band Radar Detection

It’s a low-frequency, high-powered radar. Its output can be detected from up to a four-mile distance. This is the easiest to detect. But because of its common application, you may get false positives as when you pass by supermarkets with automatic doors.

  • K-band Radar Detection

It’s a higher frequency radar than the X-band with a shorter range. It can be detected from a quarter of a mile or two. K-band radar guns can be used from a stationary point or a moving vehicle.

  • Ka-band Radar Detection

Used in portable radar guns (a.k.a. stalker guns), it works at higher frequencies than K-band. Modern radar detectors are equipped with this for greater accuracy and less false positives.
How well a radar detector receives radio waves from radar guns will depend on what frequency it is tuned in or able to accept.

Laser or Lidar Detectors

Because radar detection technology is becoming prevalent, the traffic police have moved on to newer technology—lidar—which is more difficult to detect. Instead of radio waves, lidar (light detection and ranging) guns use a concentrated beam of infrared light. It fires an infrared light to a target, waits for the light to be reflected back to it, and computes the speed of a car based on how long the light took to return to the starting point.
While they are more challenging to detect, lidar guns can also be challenging to use. It needs to focus on a small spot of the vehicle such as the license plate or headlights to get a reading. It is very accurate though, taking several samples in less than half a second. Additionally, compared to a radar beam that’s 100-200 feet wide at a distance of 1,000 feet, a laser beam is no more than three feet wide at the same distance. Because of their target-specific capability, laser or lidar guns are ideal for heavily traveled roads.
Now a car with a laser detection tool receives an alert when a laser or lidar gun is targeting them. But if it only has one laser sensor, then it can only detect beams aimed in front of it. If it is aimed from behind or on the sides, then it will not receive alerts. If you want to get 360-degree laser detection, then you will need to invest on more costly and reliable 360-degree laser detection models.

Is It Legal to Use Radar or Laser Detectors?

Yes and no. In some countries like Japan and the Philippines, it is legal to have radar detectors installed in vehicles. Meanwhile, other countries such as Italy and Saudi Arabia prohibit its use. France and Malaysia even go the extra mile of prohibiting not only its use but also its sale and ownership.
For a few countries, it’s more complicated. They have federal and state laws for it. In the US, for example, it’s okay to use them in all states except for Virginia, Washington, D.C., and military bases. Additionally, in Illinois, New Jersey, and New York, only non-commercial vehicles may use them. And per federal law, all commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds and all vehicles more than 18,000 pounds are banned in its use wherever you are in the country.

Do Radar and Laser Detectors Work?

Basically, when either a radar or laser gun has already targeted you, it’s too late for you to slow down even if you receive a warning.
Unless the traffic police are using some old form of the radar gun that constantly emits radio waves, you’ll be sufficiently forewarned as you enter speed trap areas. As it is, modern radar guns have an instant-on function, and laser guns operate in an instant mode as well. This makes detection challenging. In some cases though, traffic police officers forget to maximize this function and have their guns turned on for a long time. Thus, targeted or non-targeted cars with detectors get alerted in time.
Another way that radar or laser detectors can work for you, in a sense that it gives you enough time to slow down, is when it picks up scatter signals from other targeted vehicles. This way you know that there are speed guns in the area and that you need to make necessary adjustments. Laser detection though is more challenging than radar because it’s three-foot wide beam produces less scatter than the 100-to-200-foot wide radar beam.
If you want something to keep traffic police from getting a speed reading of your vehicle, then the issue of radar vs laser detector becomes moot. You would need radar or laser jammers, which are illegal in most countries—even those that allow the use of radar or laser detectors. You can be slapped with an obstruction of justice case or something like that if proven to be in possession of one.
So your safest bet is still to observe speed limits applicable to certain areas. But if you can’t help stepping on the gas, then you can still benefit from radar or laser detectors and some luck.

ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder Review

ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder

Are you not happy with your stock radar detector mount? Do you find yourself picking up your device from the car floor and licking the back of your mount’s suction cup just to put the whole thing back onto the windshield or dashboard for the nth time?
Cold temperatures, hot days, bumps on the road, high speed, and just about anything can cause your radar detector to fall from its station, which can be quite tiring, irritating, frustrating, and in some way, costly. With that said, we understand that aside from great suction power, you also like your device mount to look good, allow angle adjustment, install easily, and be priced reasonably.
Well, the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder might just have the solution for you. How well does this item hold up to these standards? Read on and find out!

The Features

The ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder:

  • As the name suggests, allows you to mount your radar detector on either the windshield or your dashboard
  • Features an extra large suction cup
  • Comes with a dash disk
  • Has a metal clip that lets you adjust the angle of your radar detector
  • Is compatible with: S55, New Passport, STi Magnum and Driver, GX65/55, RX65/55, V12, V10, V8, V6, Pro 100/200/300/500, Vector 895/955/965/995, Newer Vector 940, Express 795, Passport 9500ix/9500i/8500/8500×50, Solo S2/S3, RD-5110 Passport 7500S, Passport 7500/6800/5000/4600/4500/4200, Passport X70/S55, Beltronics Vector 995, Escot IX, and most Rocky Mountain Phantom-T
  • Weighs only 2.4 ounces
  • Measures 6.4 inches x 3.8 inches x 2.5 inches

The Benefits

  • The extra large suction cup gives the mount a more secure hold to the windshield. It seems not to be affected at all by hot and cold temperatures. Hence, you can trust it to keep your radar device from crashing to the car floor.
  • Because it comes with a dash disk, it affords you flexibility on where you would like to mount your device—on the windshield or the dashboard.
  • It allows you to adjust the positioning of your radar detector.
  • Its installation is a breeze.
  • It works better than the stock mount that comes with most radar detectors
  • For its incredible performance, it is reasonably priced.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices.

The Minor Drawbacks

  • Its impressive suction power came at the expense of a more bulky look.
  • While the metal clip allows you to adjust the angle of your device, it does not always give you the angle that you want or need because of the big step difference. It would have been great if it lets you adjust the angle of the device in small steps or few clicks. A non-preset swivel is another alternative solution for more control.
  • It is not compatible with a few radar detectors.

The Summary

  • Design

The ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder is a well-designed black car accessory for your radar detector. It has an extra large suction cup, and it also comes with an adjustment point that lets you change the angle of your device. A non-preset swivel though would have been a better alternative, buying you more control on the positioning of your radar detector.
A design improvement that this mount can benefit from is its overall look. While not that bad, it would have been more visually appealing if it sports a sleek look and a smaller frame.

  • Performance

The ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder’s extra large suction cup holds the radar detector pretty well even during particularly hot days or below freezing temperatures. Bumpy roads are not a problem either with this mount.

  • Ease of Installation

Installation is easy with the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder, not to mention two-way. You can put the mount on the windshield or the dashboard in seconds! Click on or connect your device, make necessary adjustments on the angle, and you are ready to step on the gas.

  • Price

The ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder is reasonably priced. With its performance comparable to some more expensive mounts, you are actually getting a bargain for its price. Furthermore, you get a dashboard and a windshield mount for the price of one.

The Comparison

Another good mount you can consider is the Escort Sticky Cup Windshield Mount. This accessory features a smoother and sleeker design than the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder. It comes in an all-black color, including its suction cup. Its locking clamp cleverly hides in the main body for a clean, streamlined look.
Another thing to love about the Escort Sticky Cup Windshield Mount is that it is low-profile, which does not make your already imposing radar detector more imposing. And just like the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder, the Escort Sticky Cup Windshield Mount allows you to adjust the angle of your radar detector through the integrated thumb wheel.
More importantly, this mount shares the suction power of ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder. It stays on despite extreme changes in temperature. So, you can rest assured that your radar detector is safe from many falling-off incidents.
However, while it is sleeker, low-profile, easy-to-install, and equally powerful than the product-in-review, the Escort Sticky Cup Windshield Mount comes out more expensive. If you do not mind spending a little extra for a more streamlined mount for your radar detector, then it also makes for a good option.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a mount that saves you the frustration from falling radar detectors on hot and cold days, road bumps, high speeds, or just about anything, the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder is one for the books! Its extra large suction cup spells convenience for you and safety for your device. Plus, you do not have to put a dent in your budget just to enjoy what it has to offer.
Overall, we can safely say that where most stock radar detector mounts fail, the ChargerCity Car Dashboard & Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder shines.

How To Mount Radar Detector: The Four Ways To Do So!

Mount Radar Detector

Speed limits can be a little annoying, especially when you are in a hurry or always on the go. It translates to a few collections of speeding tickets, and you being late wherever you need to be. If it has been this way for quite a while, chances are you have already gotten yourself a radar detector because who would want to spend some bucks on the said tickets anyway? You are probably learning how to mount radar detectors by now. So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

How to Mount Radar Detectors?

There are many different ways and methods to install and mount a radar detector. Arguably, there are also advantages and disadvantages in the location you chose for your radar detector. We will try to cover them while giving instructions on how to mount your device carefully.

Furthermore, the popular choice is mounting it on the windshield. However, your dashboard is also a good location to mount your radar detector. And while we are on it, let’s discuss other unorthodox ways to install your device.

  • On your windshield

The most popular way to mount a radar detector is on your windshield. However, there are many different ways of mounting a detector on the windshield, too. Some models come with mounting attachments which makes them easier to install.

  • Suction cups

There are a lot of radar detectors that come with suction cups that can be directly attached to your windshield. The ideal spot, of course, is somewhere where it will not block your view. Placing it in the upper left corner of the windshield would be ideal. You can also place it in the lower left corner, just above the steering wheel for easy and accessible viewing.

Meanwhile, some models that have built-in laser detectors will have an optimal function when installed lower on the windshield. Laser detectors are often aimed low at the front of the car, and the low proximity of your detector will be able to read these laser signals. However, you will still need laser jammers to avoid a ticket.

  • Mounting brackets

Depending on the model of your radar detector, some do come with mounting brackets. These can be installed on your windshield without much hassle.

Meanwhile, if a specific brand does not come with a mounting bracket, then worry not for there are a lot of universally fitting aftermarket brackets that you could choose from.

These laser and radar detectors are usually designed to be easily detachable for your convenience.

  • Permanent hard-wired installation

Another way to mount your radar is by permanently installing it on your console panel. This requires a few power tools and some basic knowledge about car electronics. It’s best to let experts handle such difficult task because if you don’t know much about car electronics and drilling holes, you may end up screwing your console and wiring!

When done properly, you will have a secured device. Also, installing the device on your console will not cause it to block your view and help you keep your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, if your unit has a laser detector, setting it up somewhere else other than the windshield would render the laser detection feature useless.

  • Visor mount

Specific models can be easily mounted on visors. No difficult procedure involved, just simply clipping the device on the visor.

The Challenge

Mounting your radar detector is pretty easy. With aftermarket brackets and mounting devices readily available, you have a wide selection of options for setting up your radar detector. However, for most people, the dangling wire that connects to your cigarette lighter is annoying. It also makes your car interior look cluttered.

For some people, they can go by without having a problem with these wirings. However, if you can’t stand the sight of untidy wirings, then it will involve, maybe, an hour or so to clean them up.

If you don’t have plastic prying tools to open the ceiling and your dashboard, then you may instead have your radar detector installed by a professional. Some distributor would also offer installation services for a charge. This is your best choice since they are adept at mounting their devices.

Now, if you want to do it yourself, then be prepared cause you will need to buy some tools and a few feet of compatible wire.

The Optimal Location of Your Device

Radar detectors are a great way to get a warning and jam speed detectors to avoid getting a ticket. Some devices are bundled with laser detectors to add up to its value.

Now, depending on which you want to prioritize, the location of your device plays an important role.

  • Mounting high

If your place has more radar detectors than laser detectors, then mounting it high will be more advantageous. Radar signal detection will work at its best when it is placed closer to the roof.

  • Mounting low

If you prioritize avoiding laser detection, mounting your device low on the windshield will be better at detecting these signals. However, you will still need laser jammers installed on the front of your car to avoid getting a ticket.

The laser detector can only tell you that you are being clocked, but you will still get a ticket. Attaching laser jammers on the grill and near the license plate will help you avoid getting detected.


Installing and mounting your radar detector is pretty straightforward and won’t require much effort on your side. Windshield mounting with suction cups is the easiest way to get them installed pretty quickly. Mounting brackets are hassle-free too. However, you may need custom-fit brackets depending on the model of your vehicle.

The challenging part comes in tidying the wirings and connections your device needs. If you are not bothered by dangling wires, then you have no problem at all! On the other hand, if you can’t stand the sight of cluttered wires, then you may need to conceal them on the ceiling or behind the dashboard which requires more effort. A professional can make things easy with a  few added charges.

In the end, how to mount radar detector is not tricky at all nor is rocket science. Now, it’s all about a hassle-free driving experience especially when you are always in a hurry and on the go. Just make sure that you remove your radar detector out of plain sight to fend off thieves!

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review!

escort max 360 radar detector

Escort Max 360 is another Beyond a Conventional Radar Detector by Escorts's unmatched MAX Detector line, with extreme range capability, fastest response time, and above all Directional Alert display with deadly precision. The Escort 360 is a remarkably powerful and faster detector. It has the capacity to detect diverse types of detection signals even over long distances.  This device comes with some unmatched technology that has made it a hot-favorite among an increasing number of passionate drivers.

One of the greatest features that have given this detector a head start among its competitors is the 360’s arrow indicator to the direct point of the Hidden Trap.You can imagine that the users of this detector how quickly figure out where the signal is coming from. This is a big plus for Max 360 Radar Detector. It allows drivers to act promptly and ignore stationary, weak signals. Such signals can be quite a distraction and lead to false and misplaced responses. As a matter of fact, this is the first Escort product to boast this kind of technology (remember Valentine held the patent to this technology until 2011).

The arrow indicator shows the location of the radar where the signal is coming from. Few radar detectors provide special awareness of the location of the radar. When the detector issues an alert it beeps for a second and issues a voice reminder that the speed limit has been exceeded. The strength of the detected signal is visible in a bar graph on the detector's display. The Escort Max 360 Radar Detector is miles ahead of the competition.

Unlike many other detectors, Max 360 doesn’t just depend on the GPS to filter false alerts but makes use of it to help the driver maintain awareness of his driving habits. The detector is rated for K, X Ka-POP, X, and laser signals. These combined with dual antennas mean the device can scan quickly in all directions. In addition, it makes use of Digital Signal Processing to identify threats faster and with higher precision than other radars in the market. In terms of readability and quality, the display is simply amazing.

This pricey Max boasts of GPS-enabled Autolearn. This is a system that learns your route, files and then rejects false alarms over time.That’s not all this device takes advantage of the power of community to protect drivers beyond conventional laser and radar threats. The pre-loaded Defender database comprising of speed camera locations spread in North America takes combine with Bluetooth technology to take care of this. The device uses Bluetooth technology to link itself to smartphones. This gives users access to a community-based program called EscortLive –an app that notifies the driver of nearby alerts, red light camera locations, and even the driver’s own speed violations.

If the car has a Wi-Fi installed the driver can get the same community sharing but this time without using a smartphone. The Escort Max 360 Radar Detector’s over-speed alert is probably one of its greatest features. It uses the GPS to issue alerts every time the speed limit is exceeded. Detecting radar isn’t the only and best plan to avoid detection by law enforcement, but having a detector that issues warning every time one exceeds the speed limit ensures obedience to the set limits. Once the detector gets used to the route it gets much less noisy than other detectors thanks to the company’s patented superpower that uses GPS to silence the known stationary sources such as metal detectors.


  • Dimensions of 1.4x 5.4 x 3.6 inches
  • Weighs about 1.76 pounds
  • has a beautiful and cordless design •
  • Has a wide range of signal bands namely X-band, Ka-POP-band, X-band, and laser signal
  • Has an appealing high-resolution display Display
  • The unique Digital Processing feature reduces false alarms
  • Gives info about the strength of the signal it has detected by displaying on the bar graph the bar-graph
  • Gives very vivid messages for the laser radar and even SWS signal detected • Delivers
    unique audio and visual warnings any time it detects signals


  • Comes with the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector’s over-speed alert
  • Directional arrows show where the radar signal is originating
  • Can turn off the “Over-Speed” alarm and set it all the way up to 160
  • Comes with a pre-loaded Defender database comprising of camera locations spread in North America
  • Has an aesthetically appealing enclosure
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Quite Portable
  • A sleek and user-friendly design
  • clear LED display
  • Seamless connectivity via blue tooth to the EscortLive app
  • Has a wider field and longer range of view compared to other detectors
  • Has GPS-enabled AutoLearn which gets rid of false alarms • Has six customizable features
  • Accurately measures the strength of signals detected


  • It’s quite pricey
  • Arrows respond relatively slow when the actual position of the threat changes
  • It’s a bit noisier than other similar detectors in this price range
  • Though this has nothing to do with the detector itself, some of the terms and conditions of use appear intrusive on the personal privacy of the buyer.


Escort Max 360 Radar Detector’s relatively higher price, still it is nothing for that much a worthy companion on the road. This radar detector is the best detector that will help keep those irritating tickets at bay. It connects to a smartphone and takes advantage of internet technology to enhance driving. This detector offers unsurpassed information and allows for an accurate and timely response to any speed related threats from law enforcement. The over speed alert function is every driver's best bet that speed limits can be adhered to.
This detector has another good thing about it. Its front and the rear antennas scan in all directions thus providing an all-around surveillance of radar signals.For this reason, this device almost eliminates the chances of being caught unawares by the traffic department. Though the average ticket may cost little over time it can add up to astronomical figures. The best way to avoid these unnecessary costs and the accompanying inconveniences is to fit the car with a reliable detector. Count on Escort Max 360 Radar Detector- Black; it fits the bill perfectly.


BlendMount BMX-2000R Radar Detector Mount

Aluminum Radar Detector Mount

Have you ever had speeding tickets? Did you know that there is a way to bypass being detected? And no, we did not mean the Grand-Theft-Auto way!

An electronic device called "Radar Detector" is your friend when it comes to meticulous roads with high levels of sophisticated detection. You can use this to detect if your speed is being monitored under a radar gun. Thus, giving you the chance to reduce speed before getting ticketed for speeding. But it is not just having the device per se. The key to getting a clear signal is the correct positioning of your radar detector.

Now, there are a variety of ways to position this device. Most often, these come with mounting brackets which allow you to position them on your windshield, your dashboard, or even your visor. Depending on the model of your radar detector, there will be an advantageous location for it. Moreover, determining its features will also give you the best idea on where to position it.

Optimizing Your Radar Detector

Here are some features of radar detectors that will give you a hint where you should put them.

  • Laser Detector – Low Mount

A laser detector is always aimed at the front of your car. It is pointed at the grill or license plate of your car to check how fast you are going and having a radar detector mounted low anywhere on the windshield will be the most effective way to intercept the signal.

However, if your locality has more laser detectors than radar ones, a laser signal jammer is essential to avoid getting a ticket. A laser detector will only be effective in determining if you are being checked and inform you about it. You will still get a ticket if you do not have a jammer equipped in front of your car.

  • Radar Detector High Mount

Your main concern, the radar detector, is no doubt best placed high on your windshield. A higher location of your device will mean better signal reception. As such, visor-mounted and rearview-mounted detectors have the most advantage.

The Safety of the Device

Radar and laser detectors quite cost a serious amount of money. And just like any other expensive devices, you will naturally want to protect it from getting broken—or worse, getting stolen.

Some radar detectors come with fixed mounts, and others are detachable units. The latter gives you the best advantage in keeping them out of sight when not in use. Some prominent models have aftermarket mounting brackets that will fit the existing groves and provide a more versatile way to position your radar detector while giving you the option to detach it when necessary.

BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount Review

Blendmount is in the business of crafting mounts for action and dash cameras, radar detectors, and other devices that need to be on your console. They were founded in 2005 and had provided many of their clients with excellent-quality mounting devices that make sure that their media devices are safe and have more option than the default feature it comes with.

They make different mounts that fit different devices for varying brands. This California-based company is competitive and aims to be on top of their game by providing excellent customer satisfaction. They take pride in their customer care and aftermarket service that support clients with concerns regarding their products.

Product Features

The BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount is a universal mounting bracket that fits most cars. This product is designed to accommodate Escort Max, Escort max II, Escort Max 360, and Escort GT-7. It is made of sturdy and lightweight aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. It has three points of adjustments to make sure that it is angled just how you want it.

It also has pivot adjustments that can be fixed by an Allen wrench which is included in the kit. It can also be vertically adjusted to how low you want it to sit in front of you, just make sure that it would not fall off through the bumpiest ride.

Furthermore, it is mounted to the rearview mirror stem and does not need suction cups. The attachment point is fitted with a nylon bushing to fit your rearview mirror stem perfectly. The center link is detachable if and can be removed if you want your radar detector sitting high.


  • This product is versatile and has multiple points of adjustments for customized installation.
  • The BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount is made of sturdy and lightweight anodized aluminum.
  • The package includes an Allen wrench for easy adjustments.
  • It can be fixed by tightening the Allen screws.


  • This product is quite pricey.


Blendmount is a company known for durability and flexibility. It is also trusted by many car device manufacturers.

With regards to its product, the BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount; it is a durable mounting bracket that is made with top-notch material such as the sturdy and lightweight anodized aluminum. It is versatile to adjust in many points to give you the perfect view. Additionally, its pivot points can be fixed by an Allen screw, which is already included in the package so that it will stay in place.


Escort, the manufacturer of the radar detector, offers various models of mounting brackets for their devices. Among those is the Escort Max 360 Stickycup Windshield Mount which is more compact and lightweight compared to the BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount. However, although this suction mount is a lot cheaper than the latter, it is not as stable as rearview mounting brackets. Not to mention, the BMX-2000R offers more versatility regarding device adjustments.


There are a whole lot of mounting devices you can use for Escort radar detectors. However, BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminum Radar Detector Mount seems to be one of the best bracket-type mounts you can use. Compared with suction cups and visor mounts, this model is the most stable of them all that would not budge even with the worst bumps in the road.

What to Consider When Buying A Radar Detector?

Buying A Radar Detector

There are a lot of aspects to Consider of buying a radar detector.

• You Can't Beat the feeling of relaxation that you won’t have to worry about a ticket or the inconvenience of getting pulled over when you’re just a little bit above a posted speed limit.

• Radar detectors are also very handy for those people that seem to not realize that they’re speeding at all. Long road trips can sometimes lead to complacency or a “rush to get there”. When this happens drivers sometimes stop paying attention to their speed. These devices help keep drivers alert.

Important Features to Consider

First of all, It’s easy to get carried away and spend a bunch of money on a radar detector because of their benefits. Do you really want to pay a boatload of money, though, when you may not have to? There’s a lot to consider and you need to decide just what kind of features you’re looking for:

• Radar Detector or Laser Radar Detector?
• GPS included?
• Does voice activate commands and usage?

Basic radar detectors can be very affordable while one with all the “bells and whistles” will be more expensive. The good news is that there is a radar detector available for all budgets.

What Type of Detector?

Undetectable radar detectors:
The best types are undetectable radar detectors, but even within this category there are a couple of considerations:

-Cordless Radar Detector:

You can enjoy plug n play it directly

-Digital radar detectors
are the small-ish piece of tech that drivers know when police and other speed checking methods authorities are using a radar gun to catch or trap speeding motorists. The basic models may be small and not have any additional features.
-Laser Radar Detectors:
A combination detector of radar and laser will scan for both types of speed monitoring devices: radar guns and laser guns. This makes it easy to keep up with (and beat!) the latest technology.

Which Brand is Best?

We wouldn’t recommend anything but the most reliable, well-built radar detectors. We stand with our recommendations on this page!


Cobra is far and away the most well-known and popular brand of speed detection systems amongst private consumers. They have been in business a long time and have built some of the best radar detectors in the industry. They have models that work with iPhones. The same models will work with Bluetooth on the Android platform to alert of more than just speed traps but also safety hazards such as road construction, red light cameras, etc.


Did you ever think to yourself: I wish I had a device that told me if there were speed traps and police up ahead that also had a GPS on it? If you did, you were probably thinking of radar detector made by Escort. They offer a wide range of radar detectors, so if you’re looking for something a little higher or lower end then Escort has the product you’re looking for.


How good are Whistler radar detectors? Check this out: A certain Whistler radar/laser detectors come with a cloaking device to help read any type of laser gun, even ones that are set in what in the industry is known as "stalker" mode. This would be in the best interest for the fastest of drivers, the ones with a “lead foot”. If you drive a fast car and often put that power and speed to use, then Whistler will have the radar detector for you.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Radar Detectors

• Why does my radar detector keep going off with no police around?

There are a lot of items, other than police radar guns, that will cause radar detector to go off. Some of these include garage door openers (even automatic doors in grocery stores and drugs stores). Also, if you’ve ever been driving down a street and see one of those warning boxes that tell you “Your Speed is...” and then start to madly blink when you surpass the speed limit…yeah, they can set off a radar detector, too.

• I just passed a cop! Why didn’t my radar detector go off?

This is a fun question that we love to be asked because it’s fun to answer! A radar detector, whether undetectable or not, is not a “police detector”. LOL. If the authorities don’t have an active radar gun or are running some sort of radar-based, speed monitoring tech, then there is nothing to detect and your radar detector won’t go off.

• Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

In most of the country, yes-radar detectors ARE legal. However, in Washington D.C. and Virginia, they are not permitted. Also, on all military installations, radar detectors are not allowed and you will be stopped at entry gates for having one visible. (That’s why it’s best to get one of our recommended “undetectable radar detectors”.

Note: Don’t get radar “detectors confused with radar “jammers”. Radar jammers are illegal in 40 out of 50 states.

3 Important Facts to Remember About Radar Detectors

Fact 1

Some windshields will reduce radar detection range by up to 95%! Most windshields are okay. Factor installed and those in cars that are bought off the lot usually won’t deter the range of your radar detection unit by enough to worry about. However, there are some types of laminations and “tints’ horribly affect radar detection effectiveness.

Lamination on a windshield with metallic film (the silver-based film is the worst!) is used to reflect infrared radiation from the sun and, thus, deflects the radar detection.It’s best to know what kind of lamination or tint film you have prior to using a detector.

Fact 2

Is it possible for Police Radar Speed Tech to Be Faulty? You betcha’.There are often anomalies or “errors” associated with detecting speed with radar. It is less common to see an error with a stationary radar gun that police use.

Detecting moving speed from another moving object is must more difficult, though. “Shadowing” and “splitting speeds”. Shadowing and splitting speeds happens when the moving radar locks onto a different moving object that is in front of a car, like another car, and then adds both speeds together. Although this is happening less and less, it still does occur.

Fact 3

Are radar detection companies claims of accuracy honest? For the most part, “yes”. Many of these companies are trusted not only by private consumers but by municipalities and private security firms. They are bound to accuracy in order to stay trustworthy. Buying one of the undetectable radar detectors that we recommend on this page will help to ensure that you’re getting a quality piece of tech that is made by a trustworthy manufacturer.

Final Analysis:

Buying a radar detector isn’t as simple as it sounds and there is a lot to consider for getting the accurate radar detector. Here on our site, you can find some helpful info about the best undetectable radar detectors that are within your budget.If you have any questions you can always leave a comment and we, or a member our Team, will get back to you with an answer.

Be safe and have fun!

Radenso XP Radar & Laser Detector Review

Radenso XP Radar Detector! A Quiet & Undectable Detector

Many drivers and car owners have been trying to look for the best detectors to avoid overspending on the road in general. However, it is not easy to find an accurate and reliable radar detector. When a driver is on the road, he can forget to shift according to the speed limits of the area that they could be in.  Radenso Radar Detector is kind of the detector to help them to check whether there are law enforcers,  monitoring them with radar. No doubt, when you have a high quality and reliable radar detector and is able to detect whether there is any radar that is monitoring the speed of your car before you reach in that area is the greatest tool you could have on the road.

Radenso radar detector is relatively a new as compared to its counterpart but it gives you the most accurate feedback, you remain cautious not to break the speed limits that have been set in that particular locality, but it also has the minimum of false alerts. Saying this, Radenso Radar Detector is the best friend that a driver can have on the road, because it keeps on reminding them to heed to the set speed, to avoid being caught. It also helps them to avoid any possible accidents that could occur as a result of over speeding. Other things that the radar helps the driver in, is playing the role of the speedometer whereby, it tells the driver the speed at which the vehicle is moving at.

Radenso Radar Detector is the most reliable detector to avoid breaking traffic rules while remaining undetectable from the opposite detectors.If you are caught in such a mishap, it can really hit hard on you, because you can be fined, your driving license can be confiscated, and you can be arraigned in court.

Qualities of Radenso XP Radar Detector

• It has a superb and reliable performance

Radenso is just unbeatable because it will always keep you on the safe side. The manufacturer has designed it with an advanced technology, to ensure that it will be the best detector that you can ever imagine. It is extremely reliable because it can detect signals that are miles away from where it is. Regardless of the distance where the radar could be monitoring you from, this detector will sense it much earlier. It detects the radar before the radar gets to monitor the speed that vehicle is moving at, and help you to act proactively. Its reliability and exceptional performance are just amazing.

Accuracy, error-free and filtering of false alerts

This high-quality radar detector almost does not make any errors. Other cars that could be near you and they use radar cruise control, also produce signatures that are interpreted by other common radars as radar alerts. Others things that could make the detector to give false alerts include speed guns and systems that monitor blind spots. However, Radenso Radar Detector does not make such mistakes. It is able to analyze and filter the DNA of those signatures. Therefore, you will always get credible and reliable results of actual radar alerts. It is highly valued by customers on Amazon and they have given it a 5-star rating. Not even one customer has given it any other star rating, other than 5.

• Using GPS Technology

Radenso uses GPS to remember the exact location where frequent false alerts are usually detected if you use that route regularly. That prevents you from giving unnecessary attention to them. You only have to add such a false alert to the radar detector's memory by pressing and holding the button when the alert arises. After that, it is added to your gadget as a GPS lockout.

Alerting you to speed cameras and red lights

It has an extensive database that includes over 6000 locations where speed cameras and red lights are situated. Furthermore, it also has a USB port that you can use to transfer every kind of information, and data from this gadget to a computer. You can update it monthly.

Performance even in extreme conditions

It is able to detect even radars that pose great threats to you by using low power. Common radars are not reliable because they only detect high power radars, and thus, you can be caught when you are still using them. They also do not sense radars that use FM radars, but Radenso Radar Detector is able to detect all kinds of radars. Even the dreaded radar known as MultaRadar does not escape the detection of Radenso.

Features of Radenso XP Radar Detector

• It detects the most sophisticated radars including MultaRadar
• It has Lockouts for GPS false alerts
• It has an extensive speed camera and red light database with over 6000 items
• It has a USB port for lifetime updating
• It has a nice display; amber OLED
• It has voice alerts
• It weighs 0.64 ounces
• Its dimensions are 2.5 by 6.5 by 8 inches
• It radar bands are selectable
• Its detects low power bands like K
• It has 3 operation mode namely, Auto City, Highway and City modes
• It has auto muting of low-speed GPS
• It has clandestine undetectable Stealth – VG2
• It filters blind spot monitoring
• It can detect radars even in long ranges miles away
• It has one year warranty
• It has a lifetime updating
• It is durable
• It is of exceptionally high quality
• It has electronic mail and phone support from USA
• It has a special option of a full refund within 30 days
• It has one year ticket of radar free guarantee
• It is expensive
• It cannot be shipped to all countries

Radenso XP radar detector is a reliable detector that is highly recommended by users, and it will straighten up everything for you on the road. It ensures that you will get all the monitoring details right, and hence remain secure. With it, you will never be caught by traffic law enforcers, because it tells you everything in advance. Unless you choose to ignore its warnings, you will be safe. There is no radar that can escape the detection of Radenso. It is simply the best, a fact that is confirmed by customers on Amazon, they are calling it the world's quietest radar detector at the moment.

How to Read a Radar Detector: All You Need to Know about Radar Detectors  

How to Read a Radar Detector

Probably one of the first things people ever consider the minute they get fined with a parking ticket for overspeeding is to buy a radar detector. This handy device is installed inside the vehicle, and it has the ability to help the driver know whether any speed gun is monitoring him or her.

The police usually use a radar gun to track the speed of a moving vehicle. Once the radar detects that the car is being detected, it notifies you. Hence, you must know how to read a radar detector as it's not just simply displaying the words yes and no.

As an overview, attached to radar detectors are a ton of whistles and bells. It is not as simple as you would believe. So, to help you out, we are here to talk about everything there is you need to know about traffic radars and radar detectors, how they function and, most important of all, how you read the codes detected so that you don't end up getting caught and paying a hefty fine. It is also important to understand that having radar detectors is illegal in certain places.

How Does Traffic Radars and Radar Detectors Work?

In order to know how to read a detector, it is crucial to see how a traffic radar used by a cop functions.

  • Traffic Radars

A traffic radar basically uses a beam of radar to measure at what speed the vehicle is being driven at. This beam is made out of microwaves instead of lights which makes it invisible. However, they exactly function like a light beam and travel only in lines that are straight. With that in mind, it does not work through hills and around corners and if there is another vehicle is behind you.

The radar can determine the speed of the vehicle based on how strongly the vehicle reflects it. It goes without saying that larger vehicles like a truck have the ability to reflect far stronger than a smaller vehicle. Despite that, the downside is that most traffic radars used by cops are of an inferior quality and are cheaply made which make them vulnerable to several kinds of interferences which result ultimately in false readings.

In comparison to the rotating antenna radars used by the military and the weather channels, the traffic radar is very simple. The radar cannot determine which car is going faster than the other, only the operator can and since it's an invisible beam, there are high chances of error.

  • Radar Detectors

The radar detector that you install in your vehicle works just like the radio which tunes into these microwave frequencies. Certain radar detector brands have a highly sensitive radio and can be tuned perfectly to the microwave frequencies used by the traffic radars used in the USA, which are the Ka band, X band, and the K band codes.

How to Read a Radar Detector: Understanding the Codes

As mentioned earlier, the American radar detector brands read radar codes which are X, Ka and K. These particular codes refer to the frequencies coming from a police's traffic radar gun. Unless you have opened the manual for your radar detector, several people are not aware and do not even understand what these codes exactly are; hence, make an assumption that the radar detectors is a matter of rocket science.

One thing to remember is that manufacturers cannot create a radar detector that can provide you with only one code. That is due to the fact that if a radar detector does that, it primarily serves no purpose. The frequencies that are used by cops for their traffic radars are not just reserved for their device. As a matter of fact, several other different devices use the same frequency.

  • X Band

The X band is a code that you will find in several radar detectors, but it is important to note that this is a pretty old frequency and is not commonly used these days. Nonetheless, you might find it in particular areas or some other countries of the world. If you live in the United States, you will find this specific code in certain states like North Carolina, Ohio and New Jersey.

This code is typically used for doors that are automatic. The radar detector will alert you if and when the radar detects the frequencies that are used on such doors which are basically known as a false alert.

  • K Band 

This band was only released a couple of years ago, making it the most commonly used in the whole of the United States. But it is important to note that there are several other systems too that use this particular frequency. So, if your radar detector randomly alerts you for no reason, it is due to that. Although the K and the X band aren't frequencies that are used so widely all over, in most cases, if you notice these codes, there are high chances that these are false alerts.

  • Ka Band

The Ka band is a code you will definitely find on all radar detectors. This code is quite new and unfortunately is quite tough to detect. Police officers use traffic radar with the Ka band frequency very often as most radar detectors have a tough time detecting these frequencies. The Ka band frequency basically uses bands that have a wide range.

You may find false alerts in this frequency, but they are quite rare. False alerts are far more common with the K band and the X band. Since most radar detectors tend to take a while to detect the Ka band, the minute the detector notifies you, you must slow down right away.

  • The False Alerts

False alerts are basically any code that will alert you for a short amount of time. As mentioned earlier, false alerts are quite common in certain areas, such as areas that have automatic doors. So, if you notice a particular location always alerting you randomly, it is most definitely a false alert.

Final Conclusion

We hope you find this article answering you all the questions on how to read a radar detector. False alerts are a widespread phenomenon, so don't stress if you see your detector alerting you randomly. However, if at any point you see the Ka band lighting up, you must slow down your vehicle right away as there is little to no chance that that particular frequency is a false alert.

Best Mount for Radar Detectors Based on Performance

Best Mount for Radar Detectors Based on Performance

Driving our vehicles at a fast speed is something that we do at times for the fun of it, and then there are times when you just have no choice. Meaning, sometimes, it is inevitable and when you get caught doing it, is just bad luck.

Thankfully, ever since the invention of radar detectors, people are more cautious now about getting caught. When you shop for one, you will find several radar detectors, but none come with a mount. Nonetheless, you can also purchase the best mount for radar detectors today.

Radar Detectors: The Best Places to Mount Them

Generally speaking, it is important to know where to place the radar detector to get the best results. You can mount it on three places in your car. Either on the top, under the rear-view mirror or at the bottom near the dashboard. Each of these areas has their own set of pros and cons. Let’s discuss them briefly.

  • High Mount 

Mounting your radar detector at a high level will give it the best performance and your vehicle the cleanest look since there is no visible wire on the windshield. However, this should only be done by a professional technician. Also, if you have no hard wire, the wire will run down your windshield.

  • Rear-View Mirror Mount 

This type of mounting is a great alternative if suction cups are illegal where you live. Since there are no suction cups, there is no stress of it ever falling, and the installation is very professional looking. Unfortunately, there is an extra cost for a specific rear-view mirror mount and the radar detector, in some cases, could block your visibility while you drive.

  • Low Mount 

The most considerable advantage of mounting the detector at a low level is that it does not block your visibility while you drive and the wire can run down your dashboard straight to the power outlet. In addition, the installation process is also a breeze. The problem is that it has very less range to detect any radar and the wiper may pose an obstruction to detect the radar frequency.

Best Mount for Radar Detectors: Our Top Picks

Now that you have an idea where you could mount your radar detector, let us review three mounts for radar detectors.

BlendMount Radar Detector Mount 

Most radar detector mounts typically stick with the help of suction cups, and in some places use of suction cups on the car is considered illegal. As mentioned earlier, this is where having a rear-view mirror mount comes in great use. The BlendMount Radar Detector Mount is one of the products in the market that offers such.


The best part about the BlendMount Radar Detector Mount is that it is designed for specific radar detector models and by specific, we mean the top-rated radar detectors on the market. Some of which include Beltronics, Escort, Escort iX, Escort Max Series, Valentine One, and Cobra. In addition to being a mount for radar detectors, this mount will also work with a GoPro. So, if you like vlogging, then this mount would make perfect sense for you.

Apart from the absence of suction cups, this mount will never bounce no matter how many bumps exist on the street. Along with that, there will be noise and vibration coming out of it either. You also do not need to worry about this mount’s quality, as it made from premium black anodized aluminum, which is made in the United States of America and has a patented design. The mount also has great adjustability, so it works at all times and in no way becomes an obstruction to your visibility.

With regards to the radar detector mount’s size and weight, it weighs only 4.8 ounces, and its dimensions are 5.8 inches x 4.4 inches x 1.5 inches.


  • Made out of quality material
  • Works well with several top-rated radar detector mounts and GoPro
  • Safe to use


  • May have issues with the Corvette radar detector.

ChargerCity Super Suction Radar Detection Mount 

Assuming that you live in places where suction cups aren’t illegal, the ChargerCity Super Suction Radar Detection Mount is one of the best mounts on the market of this type.


The base of this mount has a strong and sticky polyurethane gel. This is one of the strongest you will find when it comes to suction cups and has a steadfast adherence to the windshield. Also, the company has installed a new and improved metal slide in the cradle. That does not only has a perfect fit but will also ensure that the mount never vibrates or even shake while you drive or when you go over a speed breaker.

Installation of this product is quite easy as it comes with an adjustable thumb screw knob in order to lock the radar detector into its right position. Additionally, it works well in any extreme weather. As a bonus, the company offers a direct manufacturer replacement warranty in case of any damage. Further, its packaging has zero mess or fuss.


  • Easy to install
  • Strong and sticky suction cup
  • Comes with a direct manufacturer replacement warranty


  • The mount is only compatible with Escort Passport Max Series.

Arkon Radar Detector Mount

There a ton of options when it comes to suction-type radar detector mounts. However, only a handful of them are of an excellent quality, and Arkon Radar Detector Mount is one brand that is promised to have high quality.


This radar detector mount weighs only about 5.6 ounces, and its dimension is five inches all throughout. It is compatible with several radar detectors like Escort, Rocky Mountain Phantom-T, and Beltronics. This is a feature that not many suction-type radar detector mounts possess.

Installing the Arkon Radar Detector Mount is very easy as it comes with an adjustment knob but what takes the cake is its powerful suction cup. That is because it features just a single suction cup that holds on to the windshield for a long time, no matter if the weather is extremely hot or cold. Likewise, the company does offer its customers with a limited two-year warranty too.


  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty
  • Capable of holding several different brands of radar detectors
  • Strong suction cup that works in any kind of weather
  • Easy to install


  • The radar constantly needs to be adjusted to remain straight else it will always remain at an angle

Final Conclusion 

There are a lot of best mount for radar detectors that are available on the market and we have chosen the three because they are all easy to install. Nonetheless, each of them is brilliant in their own categories and will serve its purpose very well. Hence, choosing one amongst them is quite difficult.

If you prefer suction-types and if its legal in your area, the Arkon Radar Detector Mount is your best choice when it comes to versatility but the one from ChargerCity has a better suction power. However, we still lean towards the BlendMount Radar Detector Mount as is it made from a high-quality material and can support several different kinds of radar detectors as well as a GoPro gadget. What adds up to our recommendation is the fact that there is never a chance of it ever falling down as it doesn’t function on any suction.

Best Affordable Radar Detector: The Wise Choice


Radar detectors are used by drivers to detect speed before they get caught by the police for over speeding. It uses a superheterodyne technology-powered receiver to identify electromagnetic emissions from radar guns, which then raises the alarm.

Such alarms notify the driver that transmission is indeed detected. With all these information, how do we choose the best affordable radar detector, then? 

Radar detectors are smart and useful gadgets that do not come cheap. But no matter how intelligent these devices are, there may be cases where false alarms happen due to various reasons, including door openers that are automatic which are usually found in speed signs, malls, and adaptive automotive cruise controls usually operating in the electromagnetic spectrum of the same part as radar guns.

Over the years, some radar detectors have come to be equipped with GPS technology, which allows the users to store locations manually. The detector will then sound an alarm when moving toward that particular location—this is done by pushing a button and does not need coordinates to be entered. 

It also allows the users to store the coordinates of frequent-false-alarm sites manually, which the GPS-enabled detector naturally ignores. Another feature of a radar detector is its ability to stifle alerts when traveling below a set speed, limiting not needed alerts. This lessens the risk of inaccurate radar detection, which could only do more harm than good.

Some radar detectors work with GPS to coordinate red-light and speed monitoring cameras that can be found on the Internet, giving an alert to the driver that they are moving toward the camera.

It seems like a radar detector is a good investment, huh? If you're considering to get one, we narrowed the list down to three of the best radar detectors that you can choose from:

Crislan D7 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector with LED Display



It has an original high-performance ANW radar.

The very-fast sweep circuitry and Extreme Range Superheterodyne technology give the best-advanced warning possible and extra detection range even on the most speedy radar guns. It provides the driver with extra time to adjust the speed limit without being caught.

It has a voice annunciation that is crystal clear.

Clear communication will be easier to understand without distracting the driver from the road. Menu options and alerts are much clearer to hear making it an advantage to the user as well.

It has Ultra Bright LED Display.

Its complex algorithms and intelligent servers provide accurate information. You will then be informed of the threat through clear symbols of engaged modes and alerts detected.

With a crystal clear voice, the D7 will give you an alert as you are about to reach a radar source. The LED icon display shows the band of radar used on you, which then shows the strength of the signal ranked from one to nine.

It has a Dim Mode.

It lessens the use of light when you drive at night so it won’t be disturbing to the sight. The Dim Mode also enhances the visibility when night driving. You can even set it up to remember the settings of the radar detector even without the power.

It has Mute and Auto-mute functions. During encounters with a long radar, this function reduces the volume level during alerts.


It is lightweight and won’t take much space when placed inside the car.

It weighs approximately 10 ounces and measures 50 x 31.2 x 10.8 inches. 

Ultra Compant Design

It has an Ultra Compact Design with an enhanced range for high performance with refined style. The color black also goes well with any style.

16 band radar

The 16 band radar or laser detectors with extreme range superheterodyne technology is a guarantee of accurate detection, unlike those that will catch you off guard by hidden speed traps or pesky speed cameras. This will also let you enjoy safety and pleasure drive. This safety feature makes this device among your promising bets in the best affordable radar detector.


The cable wires may be too short for some cars.

Most cars vary from their inside design. The radar detector is usually plugged into the car socket which has different distances from where the radar detector should be positioned—making it impossible to connect the short cable wires to the socket.

The product may not be compatible with the model of the car.

It may not function in some cars especially the ones with older models.

Ahomate Speed Radar Detector with Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System


Intelligent and Drive-Safe.

It can easily detect any mobile or stable Radio Speed Monitor about 250 to 2500 meters ahead. The digital signal with voiced announcements and Advanced AutoScan processing help you to manage the speed to guarantee safe driving. No wonder it made its way to the list of the best affordable radar detectors on the market today. 

Extreme Range Superheterodyne Technology.

It provides an extra detection range that enables it to give an advanced warning even to the fastest radar guns. 

360-degree Coverage.

The laser detection technology that covers 360 degrees detects all sides from Rear, Front, and Sides. 

Digital Display and Voice Alert.

It is equipped with an icon color display that has a numeric signal strength display, and the digital voice announcement helps the driver to focus on the road.


There are no long cable wires that need to be compacted. 

No need for wire organizers as this detector's wire is just enough for moderate use.


There is no dim mode feature.

The light it produces during night driving can cause a distraction for the driver.

LESHP Car Reverse Backup Radar System


Four Ultrasonic Sensors

Equipped with Four Ultrasonic Sensors installed at the rear bumper of the car, advanced chipset, and dual CPU for enhanced detection and coverage.

Equipped with BiBi Sound Reminder and Colored LED digital display.

Comes in three colors; yellow, green, and red, which shows the gap between the obstacle and the car.

Premium Quality Materials

Made from premium quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity.


  • Beneficial to prevent dangerous and costly collisions
  • Easy installation
  • Has a central AV controller box for easy connection


Compared to other radar systems, it is a bit heavier.

It weighs 1.05 pounds which add more weight to the body.


Among the products enlisted above, the Crislan D7 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector with LED Display found its way to the top. Most of its features are user-friendly.

Intelligent and safe, its price is definitely a steal. Moreover, driving with this product will be much better since you will be guided accordingly by this radar detector system