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These days there are speed traps set up all over the roads. Whether its highways or parkways, heck I’ve even come across speed traps in residential areas.

While utilizing this sneaky practice in residential areas and school zones is completely warranted and understandable (of course we want to keep our kids safe), the overwhelming consensus is that the idea of them is underhanded and the only thing they are there for is so that cops can write more tickets. It’s a disgusting practice really.

Luckily there is a way to detect these traps before a police officer is even able to register the speed of your vehicle on his radar gun. The “radar detector” is a handy  little device that can recognize when radar is in the vicinity and give you an audible warning so that you can act accordingly.

There are several different brands of radar detectors out there, each having their own strengths and weaknesses, today we will go over three of the best ones on the market and help you decide which is best for you.

Meter LLC Radar Detector

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This product has quite an impressive list of features that are sure to give you the security needed to know that you are not being targeted by an officer and his radar gun.

The list of features include:

  • Extreme range super heterodyne technology
  • Detects latest pop mode radar gun
  • Relative speed sensing auto mute system
  • Undetectable to current radar dectector-dectectors
  • Remembers the setting of the radar detector
  • X-Band

Some of these features may not make much sense to you immediately so let’s go through some of them in more detail.


  • The “X-Band” is the band of frequencies that are in microwave electromagnetic spectrum of radio ranges between seven to eleven GHz.
  • This device is capable of picking-up on frequencies with very short wavelengths, known as “microwave frequencies”
  • Relative speed sensing mutes the detector when it is necessary, effectively getting rid of false alarms (that means less panic breaking for the driver)
  • Heterodyne technology will give you a larger range of detection, giving you an earlier warning so you can react accordingly
  • It can also detect speed cameras. Even if there is no officer that is actively taking readings with his radar gun, there are still cameras that record speeds. This product detects those as well
  • GPS memory allows this device to record where speed traps are and give you a warning before approaching


  • Lighting levels and sound levels are somewhat low
  • Can sometimes be difficult to understand what is being said from the speakers

Escort Passport 8500X50

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A terrific product from a reputable company, this Escort radar detector is sure to please its owner. Check out some of its features


  • 360-Degree laser and radar detection
  • Operates on all frequency bands
  • Ultra-bright matrix display
  • High resolution meter modes (three of them)
  • Patented mute and automute functions
  • Auto sensitivity mode


  • Has three different levels of brightness, making it easy to see in the day time and eliminates light distractions at night time
  • Advanced EZ-Programing allows you to customize the device to your individual driving preference
  • Provides warnings from extremely long ranges
  • Gives protection on POP mode, X-band, K-band, and super wide Ka-bands
  • High performance laser protection provide the user with maximum laser warning using superior off-axis protection


  • POP alerts can be very difficult to successfully react to (often times you receive them too late, this is common with this feature)
  • Very sensitive and sometimes it goes off for little reason
  • The screws on this product could be much sturdier than what they are
  • Sometimes gives false signals in densely populated areas

Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector

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This is an extremely high end radar detector that is able to give you an extraordinary level of protection. It can be optimized if you buy the upgrades for it.


  • Smart cord transfers power form the vehicle as well as transferred signals for a mute command
  • Consistent firmware updates
  • Immune to the VG-2 radar detection, this radar cannot be detected law enforcement (great for use in states where radar detectors are not legal)
  • More than 50 verbal warnings and commands
  • Text on front of device so you can read the warnings


  • Push one button on the smart cord to mute the radar (this is great for when you are parked in front of stores that have anti-theft detectors
  • One year limited warranty
  • Advanced auto scan processing eliminates false alerts and increases radar detection range
  • Consistent firmware updates to keep up with the new counter-measure technologies
  • Upgrade capabilities, pair this with a laser jammer and become nearly immune to police radar guns
  • Learns false alerts and where they are so that it can automatically mute know false alert locations


  • Laser bands can tend to give false alerts
  • Suction cups sometimes come loose from the windshield
  • It does tend to go off at automatic doors or anti-theft devices (this is why the smart cord with muting capabilities is included)
  • The alarm is somewhat on the quiet side

Which product is best?

The product that stands up to testing the best is the “Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector”. This is the best on the list for a variety of reasons and the most important of them is the ability to detect radars.

The entire reason you get a radar detector is for just that, detecting radar, and the Beltronics outperformed the other two in this area.

Also, the upgrade feature on this product makes it a purchase that will be able to last you for several years down the road. The ability to update firmware means that it will be able to keep up with the radar detection technology for several years, making this a good investment.

The ultra-bright matrix display is super easy to read in sunlight, meaning this device is useful at all times. But even if you are unable to see the display, it has over 50 warning and commands that will come through the speaker of the radar detector.

If you are in the market for a new radar detector, this Beltronics one is certain to be a life saver for you.

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