Best Uniden Radar Detector: Top 5 Recommendations

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No radar detection conversation or debate can conclude without the name Uniden cropping up or just hogging the entire discussion. And for a good reason. Uniden is one of the most prolific radar detector manufacturers in the country.

The brand name is renowned for its flagship products, the Uniden R1, R3, and R7, which have captured the hearts of many motorists. Other top performers from this stable include Uniden DFR7 and Uniden DFR8, and several more.

Budget-friendly, superior functionalities, sturdy construction, and stylish design, these radar detectors hold their own against some of the more expensive brands. The company delivers superior quality products with an impressive radar detection range, excellent signal filtering, and fantastic audio quality.

Here’s a review of some of the best Uniden radar detectors to help you keep safe on the road and avoid running afoul of law enforcement.

Best Uniden Radar Detector Reviews

Uniden R3 Long-range Radar Detector

If you do a lot of driving and want to keep your driving record clean and spotless, you need the R3 radar detector. This long-range detector boasts a sturdy outer casing capable of handling anything you throw at it. The radar detector comes with two different mounts - a single and duo cup mounting bracket – for added convenience.

The radar detector plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and includes a built-in cable for powering your smartphone. It features a generous display with several display settings with a customizable backlight. In dark mode, the screen stays off and only turns on when something is picked up by your radar.

The display provides a lot of information including direction, speed, radar setting sensitivity, time, police band radar, and the primary detection frequency. With ALL THREATS mode on, the unit is capable of detecting an additional four police radar bands concurrently. The intuitive user interface makes switching between the modes quick and easy.

Uniden R3 comes with three sensitivity settings: CITY, CITY2, and Highway mode. The highway mode gives you the highest sensitivity on all three radar bands – Ka, K, and X. The CITY mode lowers the sensitivity on the K-band, while CITY 2 lowers sensitivity on K-band and turns off the X-band. However, the unit remains sensitive to Ka-band and laser regardless of the selected mode.

The Uniden R3 offers longer range, advanced filtering, and faster reactivity than most detectors on the market. In fact, the R3 has a longer range than most of the more expensive brands such as Singer VIP and Redline.

The excellent BSM filtering on the R3 makes it invisible to the radar detector's detectors. The R3 includes a GPS chipset that allows for GPS lockouts and slow-speed muting. The red-light camera alert function is indispensable for city drivers.

The R3 boasts an exceptional ability to detect radar and presents the threat posed visually. It displays the radar band and frequency as well as signal strength in various colors to indicate proximity and level.

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  • Among the best long-distance radars
  • Excellent BSM filtering
  • 3 detection modes
  • Scans up to 4 police radar bands
  • Include a GPS chipset.
  • 2 Mounting options


  • It might be pricey for some.

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector

The cool design, the shiny black casing, and the generous display of the DFR7 radar detector make it an excellent car accessory. What’s more impressive is the unit’s ability to detect speed traps from nearly a mile away. That is in-line with the rest of Uniden's stablemates renowned for their extremely long ranges. Installing this unit in your car lets you catch any speed trap before it’s too late.

Better yet, the DFR7 has your back when traveling through smaller towns where police depend on outdated laser technology. This unit will sniff out laser speed traps to ensure that you have a smooth driving experience that’s devoid of expensive speeding tickets.

The unit is indispensable in detecting picture-snapping red-light cameras if someone happens to run a red light. In addition to saving you an expensive ticket in the mail, the unit's notification also reminds you to stop at the lights. That reduces the chances of a distracted driver plowing into your car.

Since the unit detects speed cameras as well, it’ll help remind you to abide by traffic laws. For instance, the chiming alert of an approaching camera can remind you to wear your safety belt.

The DFR7 is an asset if you’re a heavy-footed driver, as it chimes if you happen to be going over the city limits. The max speed warning system makes the unit an excellent travel companion when traveling over unfamiliar roads as it will remind you to keep within speed limits.

The bright OLED display indicates battery voltage, speed, radar frequency, and time. That lets you take in all the information you need at a single glance and keep your eyes on the road. The unit uses an included suction mount to let you fix it conveniently anywhere you like.

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector features a quiet mode to help you avoid the annoying false alert from stoplights and parking garages. The built-in GPS function lets you save up to 100 false alert locations. The unit comes with a preloaded speed trap and red-light camera locations database. It’ll sound an alert to warn you whenever you’re approaching any of these locations.


  • Am impressive radar detection range
  • Detects red-light camera and speed traps
  • Red-light camera and speed traps database
  • Includes a built-in GPS
  • Intuitive OLED display
  • Max speed warning


  • Doesn’t take well to rough handling

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

Hailed as a top-end radar system, the Uniden R1 is the perfect travel companion whenever you get behind the wheel. From its unique and colorful display system to its extremely long-range radar detention capabilities, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

The Uniden R1 is remarkably sensitive to the K, X, and Ka bands, the most commonly used bands by law enforcement radars. That makes it infinitely easier to wisen up to hidden speed traps and avoid expensive speeding tickets. The Uniden comes with a long-range detector to let you detect radar signals long before a speed gun clocks you. That gives you sufficient time to slow down to the speed limit if you so happen to be speeding.

Another amazing feature by the Uniden R1 is that it offers you a 360-degree coverage while driving. The unit will lock into any radar signals around you to give you full coverage. As long as there’s radar in your vicinity, regardless of your travel direction, the Uniden R1 will pick up and help you avoid nasty surprises on the road.

At this point, you’re probably worried about false alerts. Even with the high sensitivity, the Uniden R1 won’t buzz your ears off. The unit is configured to avoid annoying false alarms to deliver only error-free notifications. The radar detector lets you mute radar signals that don’t correspond to the frequency used by law enforcement in the City Mode. In the Advanced mode, you get to adjust the unit’s sensitivity to specific radar bands. That makes for a distraction-free driving experience.

Uniden R1 radar detector features a powerful processor that analyzes the signals in your vicinity. The processor enables the unit to process radar signals in a 360-degree coverage and deliver an alert in less than a second. The frequency of the alerts increases as you close in on the source of the radar. The superior processing speed gives you adequate warnings to adjust your traveling speed.

This radar detector boasts a futuristic design with a generous, colorful display that lets you take in all the information quickly. The generous screen enables you to take in all the information at a glance, which is crucial in helping you keep your eyes where they are needed – on the road. A quick glance is all you need to see the kind of radar detected and their frequency to let you make a safe and informed choice.


  • Extremely long range
  • Powerful processors
  • Colorful OLED display
  • Excellent false alerts filter
  • Mute button power cord
  • Highly sensitive to K, X, and Ka bands


  • Doesn’t identify red light/ speed cameras

UNIDEN R7 Laser/Radar Detector

For the driver with a lead foot or one who craves absolute protection against speed traps, the Uniden R7 is just what the doctor ordered. The radar detector is powered by a superior processor that is up to 50 percent faster than other models from the brand.

Couple the lightning-fast processing power with multidirectional detection capabilities and superb long range and you’re set for a superior driving experience. This radar detector keeps you appraised of all the threats coming your way in real-time without giving you a migraine.

For starters, you can customize the alert tones to suits your musical tastes and avoid the annoying chimes that are common with other brands. The R7 is not only tailored to detect threats from all directions but also to give voice alerts. Better yet, it comes with a bright OLED display screen that prominently displays the travel direction, signal strength, signal strength, and band name of all identified threats.

The R7 is equipped with a GPS chipset, making it a formidable way to detect red light and speed cameras. Better yet, motorists can map out the threats along your daily routes. You can mark the risky areas on the unit and have it issue voice prompts as you approach the sections.

In addition to the highly advanced and colorful display, the R7 boasts an auto-dimming feature to keep the backlight off your eyes. Since the unit uses voice alerts, dimming the OLED display doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage. Other customizable features include display color and voice and tone alerts to let the radar detector complement your driving experience.

UNIDEN R7 Laser/Radar Detector ships with a multitude of accessories, including a DC power adapter, double suction brackets, programming cables, an in-built USB jack, and a travel case. Its hassle-free installation process means you can set it up and have to ready go in minutes after receiving the radar detector.

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  • Voice alerts enabled
  • Dual antennae for 360-degree coverage
  • Exceptionally long range
  • Customizable tone and voice alerts
  • GPS enabled
  • Powerful processor


  • The price tag might be high for some

Uniden DFR8 Radar and Laser Detector

The Uniden DFR8 is an excellent choice for drivers keen to avoid getting on the business end of a speeding ticket. This unit features an impressive long-range capability to help drivers detect speed traps and police cruisers from a safe distance. That lets you drop to the acceptable speed limit if you so happened to be above the limit.

The unit boasts a 360-degree laser detection to ensure that you’ll never be caught flatfooted on the highway. The super-wide detection capability sees the unit detect radar on the K, X, and Ka-band, which are the most commonly used by law enforcement. It comes with an advanced K-band signal filtering and rejection to screen out false alarms as you go about your journey.

The DFR8, which is an improved version of the DFR6, features a stylish compact chassis, making it less bulky than its predecessor. Fortunately, the upgrades aren’t only just cosmetic, as the unit’s functionalities have been upgraded as well.

The DFR8 comes with a colored OLED display, similar to the one found in the pricier stablemates such as the R1 and R3. It comes with voice alerts to let you play the speed game by ear instead of having to always glance at the display panel. The auto-dimming capability enables you to turn down the backlight for an improved driving experience at night or even during daytime.

This radar detector comes with a City and Advanced mode to let you customized the unit’s sensitivity to specific bands. The advanced mode ramps up the unit’s sensitivity to K-band filters to beat both police cruisers and hand-held speed guns.

Uniden DFR8 Radar and Laser Detectorunit ships with a suction mount, a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter, a micro USB cord, and a carrying case. It also comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 360-degree signal detection
  • Long radar signal detection range
  • Large colorful OLED display
  • Small compact design
  • Advanced filtering capabilities


  • The unit is a bit chunky

Final Verdict

The Uniden R1 towers over the rest of the stablemates as the best Uniden radar detector. The price might be a tad on the higher side, but it’s jampacked with features that make the unit worth every penny. If your pockets aren’t as deep, the DFR7 and DFR8 are solid choices as they both come with impressive features. If you’re keen on kicking up your driving experience, the Uniden D7 is the way to go.

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