Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector Product Review

Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector Product Review

Driving is a pleasurable and even therapeutic activity when the roads are clear, and the traffic is light. Unfortunately, the absence of traffic can cause one to drive faster than the maximum speed allowed, which results in getting a ticket. Fortunately, there are radar detectors that can alert the drivers that they are likely to be monitored and caught for overspeeding. If you are on the lookout for a radar detector, then you may want to consider the Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector.

The Many Virtues of the Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector

Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector promises to provide drivers the accuracy and range for a worry-free and ticket-free driving experience. This product claims to have the world's best anti-falsing system.

This radar detector boasts of an auto-learn technology, which is a patented anti-falsing technology that uses the power of exact frequency and GPS to learn and store false alerts. This 360° protection means that drivers will not get false alerts but will only be notified of real threats.

The product has the Escort Live, the brand's exclusive application, and real-time protection network. It works by alerting drivers of upcoming warnings reported and received by other Escort users in the area. This network also provides users with access to local speed limit data. The Escort Live and detector tools contain 1000 pre-loaded locations as well. Users can also add their own "hot spots" in the Escort Database.

The radar detector also comes pre-loaded with the speed camera locations and red-light information throughout North America. One can update the information weekly to keep up with the latest changes. The tool has a multi-color graphics display containing the signal strength, vehicle speed, and laser band, so drivers are fully informed when they receive an alert.

It is equipped with Bluetooth, so users will be able to access the Escort Live app. One can also back up the data and update the software by connecting the device to a PC using the USB port.

The clear voice alerts is another feature of this product, which allows for hands-free operation and provides a crystal clear communication to users.


  • Autolearn technology
  • Escort Live app
  • Pre-loaded information such as red light and camera location throughout North America
  • Availability of weekly updates
  • A multi-color graphics display containing signal strength, vehicle speed, and laser band
  • Equipped with Bluetooth
  • USB port


  • Escort Live shuts down after a few minutes of non-movement
  • Mount is poorly designed
  • Case is poorly built


The Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector promises to alarm drivers that their speeds are being monitored at all times with its auto-learn feature or the anti-falsing technology.

This radar detector boasts of the Escort Live, a brand's exclusive feature that alerts drivers of warning received by fellow Escort users. This feature also provides access to speed limit data and contains 1000 preloaded locations. One can even input their identified "hot spots" in the database.

The device has a multi-color graphics display with some information. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology and a USB port to connect the radar to a PC. It also boasts of clear voice alerts for hands-free operation.

The product, however, has several flaws. For one, the Escort Live shuts down automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. There are also construction and design problems as the mount does not stay in place. Plus, the case is of low-quality and tends to break easily.


The Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector is not without any competition on the market as other products also promise accurate detection of speed radars.

For example, the Radenso Pro M Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector promises to warn drivers accurately with its multaradar detection. It can detect a variety of radars including, K, Ka, X, and Gatso. It has a GPS-lockout feature to minimize false alerts.

The device has a database where drivers can check for speed camera and red light data. The database comes with free lifetime updates. The device has an amber OLED display and voice alerts with around 260 messages. It comes with an amplifier-equipped antenna that is barely audible and a low-speed auto-muting of GPS. This radar detector also has three modes, namely City, Autocity and Highway. This item boasts of other features as well. It can detect low power k band, and it is ready for a separate TSR filter for traffic sensors.

The package comes with the detector, a power cord, windshield suction cup mount, a mini USB to USB cable and a carrying case.

The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPSis another competitor. Its GPS feature allows a user to mute false memory alerts, mark the location and receive red light camera alerts. Its digital signal processor has extreme radar sensitivity. It comes with free GPS database updates as well. The device has an OLED display, and K and KA false filter. The product comes with a single and double suction cup brackets, cigarette adapter with the mute key, a USB jack, and a carrying case.


The Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector has many virtues to offer for drivers who do not want to be issued with speeding tickets. It has the brand's patented auto-learn technology that prevents falsing.

It also has the Escort Live, the app with real-time protection network that allows users to receive alerts from fellow app users. The Max II equipped with Bluetooth technology as well. These three features are the product’s main selling points. But are these virtues enough reason to buy the product?

The product, unfortunately, suffers from some problems. The Escort Live app often shuts down after a few minutes of non-use. The mount and casing are also poorly designed and built.

This radar detector is still worth buying only if the user does not mind having to turn on the app frequently and is willing to take the risk of dealing with either an inefficient or broken mount and case. Otherwise, it would be best to look for a different product.

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