Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector Review

Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector Review
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Today, driving entails several different aspects, and a whole lot of thing to pay attention to at once. From other motorist around you paying little to no attention when merging or switching lanes, to keeping your eyes peeled for any potential hazard spots in the road (i.e. stalled vehicles, potholes, people switching lanes, and ensuring nobody is in your blind spot when you switch lanes.

It is said that the best way to prevent accidents is to minimize the things that you have to pay attention to while driving.

What is the best way to do this?

Move faster than the speed of traffic. The thought process behind that is this: If you are driving faster than the flow of traffic then you will never have to worry about what is going on behind you, thus, you effectively eliminate fifty percent of the potential hazards of the road.

The problem with this method is that you have to be going faster than the flow of traffic, we all know the flow of traffic is generally about ten miles per hour faster than the actual speed limit. This means you will be going at least 11 miles per hour above the speed limit.


Luckily there is a device that is made for the specific reason of knowing when your vehicle is being targeted by a radar gun, these devices are called radar detectors. And the radar detector we will look at today is the Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector.

Escort Passport X70

This is a high end radar detector that does everything you need your detector to do. It has several different features and even has some peripheral products and software that can improve upon its already exemplary abilities.


  • High performance laser sensors
  • Mute and auto mute functionality
  • Live radar app that works with your smart phone
  • Auto sensitivity mode
  • Expert meter, spec display, and bar graph options
  • 12 Volt smart cord capabilities
  • Travel case included
  • Quick release windshield mount
  • New multi-color display
  • Sensitivity control
  • Multiple operating bands giving greater range of detection

Pros of the Escort Passport X70

  • The high performance laser sensors allow for a 360-degree detection of radar and LIDAR alike.
  • The twelve volt smart cord transfers power to the device while allowing you to mute the unit by the push of a button without having to reach for the dashboard
  • Multi band protection works on X-band, K-band, Ka-band and laser frequencies (gives you protection on city streets to rural highways)
  • DSP allows the detector to scan, filter and pick up signals quicker (for you this means faster radar detection with less false alarms)
  • Live radar app “Escort Live” gives exclusive real-time alerts of speed traps that are reported by other users who are in the area. Simply purchase
  • Traffic sensor rejection (TSR) eliminates false alarms
  • Firmware updates keep software up to date ensuring the device does not become outdated when new technology arises
  • Voice alerts give you clear communications for alerts and menu options, allowing the driver to maintain their focus on the road. (English and Spanish options)
  • Multi-color OLED display provide a beautiful screen with vivid graphics that are easy to see during the brightest hours of the day


  • The product is said to be discontinued soon (pick it up while it is still available)
  • The smart cord is not included so in order to use the “escort live” app you will have to purchase it separately
  • As with any radar detector if the officer spots your car before measuring your speed then you will not have enough time to react and slow down
  • K-band can be fickle in the cities making for some false alarms
  • Because it may soon be discontinued it is not known how much longer it will be supported with firmware updates
  • Not Bluetooth compatible, because of this, in order to be able to utilize the live app you have to purchase the smart cable


“Escort the” live now app is incredible, especially in areas with a lot of people. The more people in the area, the more potential for having completely updated information

Multi band protection ensures that you are going to have the capability to detect radar guns on any frequencies being used, meaning you can be assured that you will be alerted of any radar in the vicinity

Sensitivity control allows you to adjust everything form brightness and volume levels, all the way to radar detection levels. This is great because there will be several times that you do not want your radar to be sensitive to all forms of radar

The high performance laser feature is able to detect 360-degrees meaning, not only does it detect what is in front of you but also what is behind you (you have full protection)

The mute and auto mute functionality is great for making sure you do not receive an overwhelming amount of false alarms.


Whether you find the Escort Passport x70 a steal but was too late to get this limited edition or just want to keep looking, the Beltronics GY-360 radar detector is worth a look.

  • Design

The design alone of the alternative is a standout. It sports an old, vintage look that’s a breath of fresh air from all the modern-looking radar detectors out there. And true to “vintage” devices, the Beltronics GY-360 radar detector comes with large and accessible buttons that adjust quickly and conveniently. The block-style of the display is also quite easy on the eyes. And it displays directional arrows to inform you of the location of the threat.

  • Coverage

The Beltronics GY-360 radar detector is out to best other radar detectors in its range in terms of performance. Like the Escort Passport x70 and the Escort Max 360, which is its more expensive version, the Beltronics offers 360 coverage. It is equipped with front and rear antennas.

  • Filtering

The Beltronics GY-360 radar detector also comes with five levels of filtering to discriminate between real and false alerts. First, it has a pinpoint GPS accuracy system which learns about your route and strains false ones coming from K-band using technologies.

Second, it comes with a standard filtering system that lets you tweak its performance and responsiveness according to the area you’re entering. Choose between the highway, Auto, AutoLoK, and Auto No X modes. Third, its custom filtering lets you adjust the sensitivity of the device according to specified speeds. Fourth, its IVT filtering differentiates between radar guns operating in K-bands and those in-vehicle technology sources.

Lastly, you have the app-based filtering system that’s the same as the one used by Escort Passport x70 radar detector, Escort Live, which provides crowd-sourced alerts in the area. On top of the radar and laser gun alerts, this device provides you another layer of protection from red light and speed cameras.

  • Connectivity

And unlike the Escort Passport x70 radar detector, it supports Bluetooth technology. It communicates fast and easy with your iPhone or Android device.

  • Price

The price, however, for Beltronics GY-360 is more than double the price of the product-in-review. But considering it’s a cheaper and improved version of the Escort Max 360, the Beltronics GY-360 makes a strong case against the Escort Passport x70.

If you’re brand conscious, then it’s also important to note that Beltronics and Escort are the same company. This explains the same crowd-sourcing app they’re using. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the company to produce radar detectors that share almost the same features. Case in point is the Beltronics GY-360 and the Escort Max 360.


This is a tremendous radar detector that certainly comes highly recommended. It has a host of features that are going to work together to make sure that you get the most accurate coverage and protection possible.

It is also very nice that the device has so many upgrade options from mounting brackets all the way to attachments that allow you jam laser radars as well. The synergy between the Passport X70 and the Escort Now app are terrific additions that make sure you have the most up to date information possible.

Of course there are downsides to every device. It is unfortunate that this unit does not already come with the twelve volt smart cable included (especially because it is necessary to have if you are going to use the live app and the push button mute function).

It would be ideal to have everything that is necessary to utilize the product at its full potential already in the box. Plus the thought of it being discontinued can be somewhat alarming if Escort decides not to support it with regular firmware updates.

Even though it has some downsides it is clear that the Escort Passport X70 is a product that is worth the investment. Especially if you are prone to speeding, it can save you thousands of dollars over its lifespan.

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